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"The Fixer" New Service

The BBC television programme “The Fixer” presented by Alex Polizzi has highlighted the problems faced by many family run businesses. In these difficult financial times it is difficult to lose sight of the objectives that you have set yourselves.

Family loyalties can become frayed as different members of the family can have different ideas on the direction that the business should take. One of the significant areas highlighted by the programme is that many of the businesses facing problems don’t have a proper understanding of their financial position
ranging from their costs and more importantly the margins that they are earning on sales.

The banking community is taking a harder approach towards businesses and particularly in reducing the overdraft and other funding facilities offered to existing customers, let alone giving finance to fund an expansion.

This is where we can help.

We can offer an initial consultation to establish your need and how we can help you.

Then with you, we will prepare a detailed plan of action and help you to implement it.

Our involvement can be tailored to meet your needs and will vary over time, probably starting with a hands-on sleeves rolled up involvement, or mentoring and once you are happy with the progess to more of a non-executive role. Along the way, helping you to smooth the way for you with your bank may be an essential element of that approach.

Our fee structure is simple, especially as there are not agency fees involved, often adding 30% to the cost.

We charge fees plus VAT on a daily rate plus expenses.

Contact us for a free initial consultation.

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