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Interim management services

Why "Lease a Finance Director" can be the answer to solving your problem!

As a fast track leader you have built your business into what it is today. Your passion is for, innovation, technology, sales and growth. But have your financial and management skills kept up as well?

Has the sheer grind of trying to develop your business in a sluggish economy been getting you down?

Have you been faced with fulfilling the ever increasing bureaucratic requirements of the various Qangos and governmental regulation, none of which earn you any money?

Are you tired chasing your customers to pay their outstanding invoices, and having to fend off your creditors, HMRC and the bank?

Even worse, they take you away from doing the work that generates cash and profit.

Do you feel that you can’t see the wood for the trees?

If you recognise that scenario, then you will definitely benefit from our support.
"Lease a Finance Director" is a cost effective service provided by experienced businessmen for business. The financial equivalent of “Aspirin” as we are Company Doctors able to ease your pain!

Our financial directors have years of experience working for businesses ranging from startups, SME's to international companies. They understand the traumas that you can face in running your business (especially in the present climate).

They are not just beancounters! They understand the importance defining a strategy and keeping the business on track, needs.

They are not "management consultants". They have "hands-on" experience of managing businesses and have a strong track record of delivering effective solutions.

Your dedicated Finance Director will work with you and as a member of your management team. Working to ensure that the systems, processes and procedures and reporting are appropriate to meet your needs. You will benefit from the production of accurate financial information, appropriate business performance measures, improved cash flow (including forecasts) and an in-depth commercial appreciation of your performance.

At last you will have the tools to enable you to manage, plan and achieve your goals and ambitions safe in the knowledge that you can rely on the management information upon which you will base your decisions enabling you to run your business.

Our Financial Directors deliver effective solutions. They will work with you and relieve you of the headache of not really knowing where your business is going.

Our services are tailor-made to suit your needs:

Part-time Finance Director is a service primarily for the SME business.

Interim Management is a service for medium to large businesses, including listed PLCs and overseas businesses that have a short term need to be satisfied.

Turnaround Management is a service for any sized business that may be experiencing cash flow problems or making losses.

For Venture Capitalists that require an experienced "safe pair of hands", we offer our Non Executive Director plus+ service that will give investors peace of mind.

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