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Many businesses, both large and small, often find themselves faced with a skills gap.

As an ambitious Managing Director, ever mindful of keeping costs in check, you have probably assumed responsibility for the "Finance Function" of the business.

However, this is probably not what excites you, and even if you do have an understanding of finance, you find that other pressures result in it not being at the top of your list of priorities.

Even if you have a bookkeeper, or a "Finance Director" do they really have the skills to keep up with your desire for generating growth. Do they have the abilities to match your ambitious plans? Are they focussed on strategy?

How well is your business really doing? Is your business performing as efficiently as you would really like?

The more important question is "Do you really know?"

How much could you be losing? Whether it results from poor cash flow, overstocking, late billing of customers, inaccurate information or inadequate controls and procedures etc. You understand that financial matters are as important as product innovation, production and sales but inevitably other aspects seem to be more important in the day to day scheme of things.

To what extent can you rely upon the accuracy of the financial information that you use to base your business decisions and strategy?

Do you have an effective business strategy supported by a robust business plan?

An experienced finance director from Lease a Finance Director can provide the expertise and understanding of your business to put your mind at rest, leaving you to focus on growing the business.

The benefits of using the services of one of our Finance Directors dedicated to your business could easily outweigh the monthly outlay.

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