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Insolvency Service Disqualification of directors

Repossession advisor wound up following Insolvency Service investigation
Swift House Solutions Limited (Swift) which offered repossession and eviction advice services to the public has been wound up in the High Court.
The investigation found that Swift had continued the business of Repossession Management Bureau Limited, RMB Assets Limited and OM Payments Limited, which had all been would up by the court on 1 September 2015 following an earlier Insolvency Service investigation.

Husband and wife banned for £1 million under-declaration to HMRC
Mohammed Arshid (61) and Maqsoodan Arshid (57) of Broughty Ferry, Dundee, have given undertakings to the Secretary of State for Business Innovation and Skills, that they won’t act as directors of a company for a period of 11 years and 2 years respectively, from 4 May 2016.
An investigation by the Insolvency Service found Mohammed Arshid had breached his fiduciary duty as a director by submitting false information to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) resulting in lost revenue on PAYE Tax, NIC, VAT and Corporation Tax totalling £1,020,423. His wife, Maqsoodan Arshid, was disqualified for abrogating her duties as a director which allowed Mohammed Arshid the freedom to commit the offence, which they both personally benefitted from.

Maximum disqualification for director involved in selling carbon credits
Anthony Allen, aged 31, the director of Global Neutral Ltd (Global Neutral), has received the maximum disqualification preventing him acting as a director for 15 years. An Insolvency Service investigation found that under Mr Allen’s sole control, Global Neutral used misleading sales practices to take more than £1.1 million from members of the public between April and September 2012 to buy Voluntary Emission Reduction carbon credit units (VERs) as investments.
There is no genuine market for VERs that is accessible to the public to resell their units. In the unlikely event they could have been sold, the units had been marked up so much over cost price by Global Neutral that customers would not be able to make a profit.

Mastermind of unscrupulous African stove investment gets 14 year ban
Mark Andrew Ayres, previously known as Mark Eyres and Mark Heaver, acted as a director of Global Eco Projects Ltd (GEP), in breach of a prior director disqualification. He also caused it to both receive investor monies in breach of financial regulations, and fail to protect those monies, as contractually agreed with its investors.
In addition, two of GEP’s registered directors, John Roger Childs and Mark Francis Cooney, were disqualified for 7 years from 14 and 29 April 2016 respectively. This was for first allowing Mr Ayres to act until 31 July 2013 as mentioned above, and then their decision to continue trading from August 2013, receiving and disposing of further investment funds while insolvent, in breach of financial regulations and contract.

15 year ban for man misleading court over £25m property dispute
Paul Edward Fleury fraudulently transferred the business and assets of one company to a newly incorporated connected company for nothing, in order to defeat a Court Order. He has been disqualified from acting as a director for 15 years.
Following an investigation by the insolvency Service, the Secretary of State accepted an undertaking from Mr Fleury on 29 April, not to act as a director of a limited company for 15 years from 20 May.

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