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Malcolm Wilton & Co Chartered Accountants signs up for the new ICAEW Business Advice Service

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Under the ICAEW Business Advice Service, SMEs and start-ups will be encouraged to consult an ICAEW Chartered Accountant over the issues facing their business. They will be directed to

The service aims to help fill the ‘advice gap’ left by the government’s decision to close Business Link. It highlights the services available from ICAEW Chartered Accountants, and demonstrates their commitment to economic growth by offering one initial consultation at no charge to SMEs and start-ups on the full range of business issues.

Is the present economic situation getting you down? As the owner manager or leader of your business are you finding it more and more difficult to struggle through the business day worrying about how to survive?

How to build your customer base?

How to deal with your bankers?

How to fend off your creditors?

Is your working capital out of control?

Can we help you resolve some of these issues? Sometimes, a fresh pair of eyes and the opportunity to discuss your strategy with an independent business person enables you to "see the wood for the trees" and re-prioritise your approach.

Using one of our independent interim Finance Directors on a part time basis may be the answer that you are seeking. You only pay for the time spent, plus expenses and there are no agency fees to pay!

Contact us to discuss your requirements on a confidential basis.

New Professional Membership

Malcolm Wilton has been admitted as a Member to The Institute for Turnaround.

Turnaround of a specialist childcare operation.

Malcolm Wilton has just completed an assignment at a Specialist residential Childcare business which also operated an associated educational establishment. Malcolm was called in by a well known bank to work alongside two sector specialists who were engaged to improve the operational aspects of the business and increase the occupancy levels. Malcolm's involvement was to improve the financial efficiency of the business, manage the cashflow and work with the specialists to define the strategic direction of the operation. Getting the financial position up to date was a priority as well as implementing accurate forecasting and monthly reporting were key ingredients of the success of turning this business around.

Successful turnaround at Specialist manufacturer

The services of Malcolm Wilton were called upon to help change the fortunes of a specialist clothing manufacturer who was feeling the pressure of creditors and tight cash flow. The businesses were owner managed with turnover of less than £3m. Financing a sizeable contract placed by a European customer, who was late in paying, placed intolerable strains on the cash flow of the operation. The foreign exchange exposure also placed an intolerable burden on the business as currency losses had been incurred. A number of problem areas were quickly identified and workable solutions proposed and accepted. The key areas of control identified to effect a successful outcome included raw materials, stock of finished goods and negotiation with the suppliers of key products and the local authority. Costs were also reviewed and cut back to reflect the needs of the operation.
As with any successful turnaround, maintaining a good dialogue with the financiers was an essential part of the process from the outset.

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