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Venture Capitalists

Venture Capitalists often require a "safe pair of hands" that will give them the comfort that the business in which they have invested is performing according to the business plan and that the management's strategy is working. There are occasions when there is doubt about the accuracy of the results, the ability of the management, or that the promised results and cash flow will be delivered.

This is where we can help.

We have helped to recover businesses from the brink and taken the necessary action to nurse them back to health.

We offer our Non Executive Director plus+ service giving extra peace of mind for investors.

We will work with the management team to understand the business, the financial results and how that translates into strategy and the forecasts. We will help them to overcome the shortcomings and mentor them to enable them to deliver the results.

Turnaround Management
It happens that businesses get into a financial mess. This is not a function of size, either. It can happen to the largest business as well to SMEs. There are many reasons, for example, inaccurate accounts, poor processes and internal controls, a lack of financial planning, fraud, systems breakdown, a lack of control over working capital resulting in diminished cash flow, to name but a few.

This is where we can help.

We can prepare a Viability study to help you with your strategy to take the business forward.

As a fresh pair of eyes we can review your business and identify the problem "hot spots" and set about working with you and your client to resolve them.

We also have access to funding for businesses that qualify.

Please telephone us on 07785 280557, e mail info@lease-a or complete the contact form so that we can discuss your requirement.

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